Cyber-Week Sale!

Have you always wanted to be able to create proper portraits? Like this self-portrait, which I made minutes ago (in minutes)?

Of course that is not the only “proper portrait”: there are almost as many portrait styles as there are photographers. But they do have one thing in common: the photographer knows light. And often, that means the photographer knows flash.

And that’s probably not the only thing you have always wanted to be able to photograph. But it has just eluded you except for some lucky hits.

Well, I am here to help. As you know, I am a full-time pro and educator, and I have two ebooks available: the Photography Cookbook, a book with 52 “photographic recipes”: quick start settings and tips that get you good pictures immediately in various situations, from “fireworks” to “graduation ceremonies”. And the Pro Flash Manual, a guide to using flash: from knowing nothing to producing creative pro work. Both books are PDFs without DRM, and they retail for $19.95 each.

If you do not yet own the two books, go get them now. Because I really want you to learn these things, I have a Cyber-Week Offer: this week, get both books for the price of one. That is 50% off, for one week only.

To take advantage of this offer, all you need to do is head on over to and order either one of the books. Do not order both – order just one, and for that price of $19.95 I will send you both. Go do it now; enjoy the holiday period with your camera; and astonish your family and friends with your sudden expertise!


2 thoughts on “Cyber-Week Sale!

  1. Hi Michael,

    Please let me know if the offer for these two books are still on, that is, one price for the two books.

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