I used a simple softbox with a boom stand today for some portraits:

The softbox is held by the boom above the model’s head. And a reflector provides some fill light on the side I am on – I am shooting from the left, slightly. You can see it reflected here:

The boom means I can have the light directly above the model, in front of her, without me having to avoid the light stand.

I now get simple butterfly lighting, but I can turn into into loop lighting by slightly turning the model away from the softbox:

A simple light source like this, perhaps with a reflector, can do really cool professional light; that is why we use it for fashion and beauty shooting. Add a hair light and you have everything you need:

And once you gave simple light, you can now concentrate not on light only, but on expressions, positioning. and even, dare I say, it, a little fun in your shoots.

But whatever you do, always remember: in studio shooting, you always need to be aware of the light. Where is it, how is it, what is it. If you do that, you will know what to do.

And now it is almost 2:30AM: time for bed.


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