Weather the weather

Weather is important to us. But it is a misconception to think, as we did in the “Kodak Instamatic days”, that we can only make nice photos on sunny day. See the photo of a dreary day in the Netherlands. above.

First, the weather is part of the story-like the hurricane winds in St Maarten in the photo here:

Second, you can always make photos work somehow: there is no “impossible weather”. You may need high ISO, or a tripod, or rain gear, or even a flash, but every weather type is usable.

And third, sometimes “bad weather” is good for your photos. A grey sky, for instance, allows flower colours to pop much more than a sunny harsh sky. Rain can convey mood and give you soft lighting! Grey skies, too, and the resulting low contrast can be very good. Not every picture needs to be super contrasty, as a cloudy and wet Jamaica shows here.

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