Well, perhaps not quite, but today was a good wake-up call in terms of power and how we rely on it. Like most in the Toronto area, I lost power for a few hours today – for most of the day, in fact. And it failed several times, just when computers were connected and writing to hard drives. Note to self and to you: always use UPS uninterruptible power supplies when working on a non-laptop computer. Your data is too valuable.

My car today, covered in a layer of hard ice:

Note two: Now that my Travel Photography book is out and available for purchase here, I have started my next book: a book for beginners and advanced users alike on using DSLR cameras – any DSLR camera:

And note three: you can still get a certificate for custom training for your loved one:

An idea for Christmas? Contact me-I can have a personalised PDF file for you in an hour!

Now, back to charging the cameras. Enjoy these festive weeks!



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