Through a haze, clearly

Here is the city I shall leave again when the airline has seats in a day or two:

You will notice some technique here:

Haze and foreground: I made the two houses in the foreground part of the picture. Anything hazy is OK is there is something sharp in the foreground. (I discuss this in the Impactful Travel Photography book, of course).

Panorama: I cut off the top and bottom to emphasize the strip, and to use the Rule of Thirds. (This too in the Travel book).
Enjoy your day. I am about to enjoy the last day of Nevada before I try to get on a plane, which is proving surprisingly difficult.


2 thoughts on “Through a haze, clearly

  1. Due to really cold weather and a little ice and snow, Pearson has been a mess. One woman reported it took 9 hours to get her bag off the inbound flight and another 9 hours in line to rebook a connecting flight out!
    Last night we started to get a break in the weather and today was pretty nice. Pearson is working frantically to catch up but it’s going to take time for the whole industry to get back on schedule.

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