Old much?

On an Internet forum for pro photographers I frequent, a young woman, a full-time photographer, said this recently: “I cannot possibly imagine hiring a 50-year old to shoot my wedding”. And she was being serious.

Ah, the young, and how they think they will never age, and they do not realize age means experience! Personally, I would hire the best person for the job, be they 17 or 70 years old. Age discrimination is silly.

And important. Because our societies are aging. More of us are older, and soon, many old people will be supported by few young people. Start thinking of problems and solutions. “Head in the sand” is not going to help.

“Photosensitive”, a Canadian collective of photojournalists, has just kicked off their new project, whose working title is “Aging Canada”. Here’s the collective’s kickoff meeting last Thursday, in Toronto:

I am honoured to once again have been asked to participate. Last year I was one of the 100 photographers who together made the “Picture Change” exhibit and book; now, I am very much looking forward to “Aging Canada”.  I think photojournalism is, or should be, a force for social change. And change is needed: I keep wondering “if we know that xyz will be different 50 years from now, why not do it NOW?”. Photography is often the catalyst that kicks off change (think Vietnam, African famine, etc). Photojournalism is not dead; it is now, however, a non-profit endeavour. So be it.

I am looking for old people who do something unusual. I will be shooting an older radio ham, an older pilot, and whoever else occurs to me.  I will show that older people do not just sit and watch the geraniums grow; I also, however, want to show some of the societal challenges; challenges we will need to meet , whether we like it or not.

Talking of challenges: This was my neighbourhood yesterday afternoon. 24mm, 1/25th sec, f/5.6, at 400 ISO. Brrr.

Did I mention I always carry my camera? Whether it is part of a photojournalistic project, or just my life, I like to document, and preserve forever. You should probably do the same, but you should also organise and use your images.

And oh – if you should need a photographer, I may not be 24 (or 45) anymore, but chillax… hire me and I’ll do better than when you mupload your own selfies, bitches… I do the chill hustle. I will smoke yo’ event. Word!

Yeah, if you want, if that’s what it takes to get your business, I can talk like that. Bro.




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