I often do a quick self portrait—all photographers should. Both so you understand what your subjects go through; and just to remember.

Here’s a selfie in Aruba the other day:

Done with an off-camera flash and a Honl softbox and the self timer.

And here’s me in the Air Canada Rouge aircraft the other day, at around 24mm, handheld:

And here, the same but zoomed in to around 70mm. See how “filling the frame” can be effective?

In the latter two shots, I set the camera to choose the focus point automatically.

The point of this post? That you should have some fun with your photography. And that you should document every part of a trip, even the trip itself, the taxi to the airport, the airplane: you name it.

And if you feel like an assignment, here it is: go do a selfie or two.


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