I See

“I see” in Latin is “Video”. A mode more and more DSLR cameras have. Can your camera do video?

If so, it behooves you to learn how to do it! It’s great quality, movie-type quality in fact, but the camera is not just point-and-shoot (point-and-tape?). Instead, there are things you need to learn. Things about the camera setup. Things about the extra equipment you need. Things about storytelling and about filming techniques. Things about post-production. Simple things, but without them you will never produce a good video. With them, however, it’s easy!

Well… It just so happens that I have recently written an all-new video/DSLR course. It will answer questions like:

  • The one accessory you must have
  • The shot types you need to know
  • How to storyboard
  • Camera settings; what are the secret “gotchas”?
  • How to shoot with what you have’
  • How to use audio
  • Composition tips
  • Common mistakes—and how to avoid them
  • Why you need an iPhone, too!

…and much more.

I will be teaching it on 30 March, but it is available as of now as private or custom small training, 24/7.

So if you have ever thought “maybe I should learn this video thing; after all, my camera can do it”, then now is your time.

Contact me to book, and to hear more: I am here for you.



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