There I was, having a drink and some food yesterday with David Honl at Toronto airport.

David is known from his pictures of Middle East conflict areas, as well as from the excellent range of Honl Photo small flash modifiers, which I use extensively, and wholeheartedly recommend.

Yesterday, David was on his way from Istanbul to LA via Toronto. Here he is, as I shot him with a 16-35mm lens set to 16mm:

See how the leading lines draw you into the picture? And how black and white makes the picture about the subject, not about the colours in the background? And how I avoid putting the subject too close to the edge, where he would distort unacceptably?

Many photojournalistic images are made with a wide angle lens, and in B/W. I always carry a camera, I always carry a fast lens, and if it’s photojournalistic images, I often use a wide lens and B/W.

I suppose that if there is a moral to this post, it is this: always carry your camera!


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