Shake it up

As you know, I was talking recently about shaking it up. And I constantly do:  From “drama” to “flash plus lots of ambient and large apertures”, as in this recent picture of the make-up artist and hair stylist at a shoot:

And you need to keep changing styles, or you ossify. I was recently told by a young person that people of my generation (i.e. people older than 30) could not possibly know anything about art. We like that boring grandmother stuff, like sharp subjects and blurred background. Today’s artists produce actual art, meaning edgy, shaky, unsharp, under- or over-exposed, real, imperfect pictures.

I refuse to believe that.

But I do believe that every generation brings in new ideas, and that if you do not shake things up, you will lose out. So while I am not asking you to expect unsharp pictures from me,I do think you will continue to see development.

As you should bring development into your own photography. Force yourself, if you must. Your comfort zone is a, well, comfortable place to be; but it is not where you should aim to spend all your time.

So here is your assignment  for next week: what is the technique, equipment or light you like least? Use that exclusively.


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