A trick for you today; a post-processing trick.

Say you have a shot you like, like this model pose:

(1/125 sec, f/2.0, 800 ISO, using a Canon 1Dx with a 85mm f/1.2L lens. Ambient light plus bounced flash set to +1.7 FEC.)

But… when we look closely, we see that alas, it is out of focus:

Sharpening does not help, with an image that is out-of-focus to this extent:

So now we add film grain by moving the EFFECTS–GRAIN slider up to +66:

Unlike “digital noise”, film grain looks pretty cool. Like old higher-ISO Kodachrome film. And the key point here: we no longer notice the unsharpness as much. This image is now acceptable!

As a bonus, any skin blemishes now also disappear into the grain. The final image looks good:

So if an image you have is not ideal, do not give up. Images worse than this have been rescued. If it is really bad, make it B/W as well. And often, you end up with a perfectly good picture where the grain adds to the atmosphere.



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