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Reader Ray asks:

Quick questions, I have 7D and a 50D as my backup, what would be a suitable full frame up from the 7D? Are full frame slower then say my 7D?

Good questions about Canon gear.

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Upgrading to full frame makes sense for people who like bright viewfinders, low noise/high ISO, good quality, and wide angles. So good for you.

If I were in your shoes, I’d go with a 6D, the economical full frame option.

The Canon 6D, which I have reviewed briefly here, is a great camera. Canon left very few functions off. The focus system is old, and the flash sync speed is limited to 1/160th second. Both of those are relatively small limitations if you know what you are doing. (And if you do not, go here). And the shutter lasts 100,000 exposures, vs the 5D’s 150,000 or more. There’s some more small things of course.

And the 6D also has neat new features like GPS and WiFi, so it’s not all “less”.

So if you want to splurge, then go to the 5D MkIII (or even the 1Dx, if you win the lottery), but I think the benefit for many is doubtful, and the 6D is a great camera.

Yes, the full frame cameras have lower frame rates. The 7D can shoot 10 fps if I recall correctly; on the 6D, it’s 4.5. The larger mirror means slower movement. But how often do you really shoot at 10 fps? That’s a good way to wear out your shutter.


Do you have questions too? Ask away, and I shall answer… in most cases, quite quickly.


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