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I see and hear that many readers enjoy this blog. Then you will enjoy my e-books and personal training also, I am sure.

So… to thank you for being loyal readers and to encourage you to try my books and training, I have just created a limited time Summer Special: 25% off all orders over $250. The training or shoot must be booked and paid for by July 31st. The actual shoot or training may be taken any time in the future.

To benefit from this discount, head over to learning.photography and fill your cart with $250 or more of products; then on the last screen enter Discount Code ReaderLoyalty —and you are all set, the price will decrease when you recalculate. 25% can amount to a nice sum, making affordable prices even more affordable.

For example, take a course for two people (order the two-people price twice in the same cart) and you get the discount. A course for one plus the set of all five e-books would also get you there, as would a portrait shoot and the e-books—and so on.

And more importantly, books and courses will make you a better photographer. Quickly.


When you look at learning.photography you will see new courses. Video on your DSLR and Landscape Photography among them. Go have a look. Also, many courses have been updated—they always are: as the industry changes, so do my courses.


The way I book courses is different from anyone else’s. Instead of me setting the schedule for my convenience, you do, at your convenience. And I make it affordable to get private, or near-private, tuition. Head on over to this article to check out the news post.


See you soon!

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