I am busy with my amateur radios:

As we speak, I am talking to Bill, AK5WB in Texas on 20 metres, using the new antenna above, a 6 band tuned “Butternut” vertical that took me a day or two to set up and tune. But it was worth it.

And I was discussing pixels with Bill. He wondered why Canon went down to just 18 Mpixel from the previous higher pixel counts?

Because it gives you lower noise, which at higher ISOs becomes obvious.

But isn’t it a drawback, having fewer pixels/

Yes, but not as much as you might imagine. Like any log scale—just like power in radio, for instance. Going up from 100 Watt to 130, or down to 70, has no discernible effect. That is, the effect is so small as to be negligible. Not so with noise! Hence the fewer pixels in some top cameras.

73 de VA3MVW!


4 thoughts on “Distraction

  1. Hi Michael,
    I’ve been following your site for several years now and had no idea you were a ham. As in amateur radio I am also an amateur photographer but have great fun in both hobbies. Keep up the great work.
    73, Don VE3XD

  2. Hey Michael,
    Its great to see/hear about another Ham out there. My Dad was really big into amature radio but we never connected on passing it down to me before he passed away unfortunately. I’ve been wanting to test for my license but my photography hobby takes most of my free time now a days. I plan to take on my Dads call sign and hope to one day call myself an official “Ham”…haha.
    Would love to hear more about the ham radio side of life in future posts. There is always great opportunities for photography and ham radio right?
    Shawn (future WB0QWA)

    • Absolutely Shawn, there are many parallels between amateur radio and photography. And the time for ham radio is not gone: with the world becoming more reliant on communications than ever, we will be needing radio experts more than not, I fear. My call is VA3MVW, as you see. As soon as you get your license, let me know: we will set up a time and frequency 🙂

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