Lightroom: Upgrade to 5?

Yes. Yes you should upgrade to LR5, and I mean now. For the vignette tool, but also for the healing tool, and especially for the lens correction tool. Corrections are “one click” now: both lens as well as architecture correction. Look: original on the left; corrected with simple click on the right

My 16mm lens is perfect, except of course it does introduce a little barrel/pincushion distortion: barrel on the left. One click and it’s gone. Those clicks are here:

“Enable profile corrections” checks if it knows your camera/lens combo, and corrects for vignetting and distortion. “Auto” corrects for the perspective distortion that exists when you aim the camera slightly up or down. Two clicks and perfect: that alone is worth Lightroom. That way I get verticals that are vertical, im images like this:

Any idea how much time that saves me? 100 times the 2 minutes (if I am very quick) that it would otherwise take me in Photoshop, os that is three hours saved on just this one aspect of my photos. Lightroom 5 is the way to go.


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