Are you a pro, or committed amateur?

…then you may want to ask me to be added to the Speedlighter’s Forum on Facebook:

Please only ask if you are indeed a pro or committed amateur, and you know all about aperture, shutter, ISO, lenses, and so on. This private and closed Facebook forum is going to be high level, not for simple beginners questions. I welcome those, too, here. is for everyone, from complete beginner to 20-year full time pro.

So pro/almost pro: discuss things with equals on And everyone from beginner to pro: come here daily to read a tip, trick, mini lesson, shoot explained, etc every day. And here, too, I welcome a lot more discussion that there is. I know thousands read here; now also contribute by asking questions or leaving comments. First comment needs to be approved by me; after that, you can comment as much as you like.

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