Tip: Stitch.

When you travel, so some panorama shots.

You can do them in your iPhone or similar. But you can also do them—and probably at higher quality—with your DSLR. Like this:

  1. Camera on tripod. Manual mode. On a day with consistent light.
  2. Take a photo on the left of your scene.
  3. Rotate the camera around its axis (hence the tripod, too). Overlap 20-30% with previous shot. Click.
  4. Repeat step 3 until you reach the right.
  5. Take all these shots an put them together in Canon Photostitch, or Photoshop, or whatever other software you have (you can download lots of apps).

Now you get this: click the image repeatedly to see it at  full size:

That’s the Las Vegas strip. In all its glory.


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