Today, a CEO/executive shoot

Today was one of those great days that everything comes together: a nice Annual Report shoot including a CEO portrait, two green screen executive portraits, and two environmental executive portraits; then some real estate on the way home.

I am standing in for the CEO here.

  • One flash off camera, shooting through an umbrella. On our left.
  • Converging lines converge on the subject from both left and right.
  • Shot at 1/125 sec, f/6.3, 800 ISO. This was the right combination of background and foreground.
  • Flash on manual.
  • Behind me: a very bright window: we positioned me so that that window was exactly covered.
  • The space on the right is for text: whenever you shoot for a magazine, ask whether there has to be empty space for text (and ask: horizontal or vertical?)

Then some green screen; Like this:

So that we can then make it like this (and mouse over the subject to see what I mean):

…and put the subject in front of the eiffel tower, or where ever we want.

For this we used five flashes: Two big studio strobes, and three speedlights (two for the green screen, one for the “shampooey goodness” hair light)

Finally, we did several more environmental portraits, in office spaces. For those, as for the CEO, we used just one off-camera flash shooting through an umbrella. Why not keep it simple, if you can?


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