Flash Bias

…or Flash Exposure Compensation (“FEC”), means that flash is still automatic (“TTL”), but you bias it 1-2 stops up or down. Meaning the camera meters as usual (using TTL), but it adds or subtracts a stop or two when taking the shot.

In the shot of the model applying make-up, the bias is +1.66 (+1 and 2/3) stop:

I usually shoot with a positive bias like that because I am in a white environment, and the camera, not being equipped with a brain, has no brain. Plus, I like to light skin brightly, because bright skin is skin without shadows; skin without imperfections in other words. And hands up those iof you who like to see imperfections in skin. See; I didn’t think so.

Now, be careful: FEC only works if there is enough power available. In other words, if there isn’t enough power available it does not help qat all. In tat case, open up the aperture or raise the ISO.




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