Opportunity knocks.

NEWS! My next project is being kickstarter-funded. And I am very excited to be able to tell you about it.

Kickstarter, as you may know, allows a business idea to take place without the investment capital: the public funds it. In return, people who fund it get benefits like funder pricing, extras, and so on.

And mine—wait for it—is a printed version of my new book. This checklist reference book:

A printed version is exactly what we all need. From beginner to pro, all sorts of tables, guidelines, checklists, and more. Here’s the table of content:

Interested yet? Now imagine this on thick stock paper, one sized, with a ring binding at the top, so you can flip it to the page you want; and it’s a 4×6″ sizem so it fits easily in your camera bag, even in your jacket pocket.

Want to help me, and at the same time get lower prices or extra benefits? Then get in nowwww.kickstarter.com/projects/1117812792/the-ultimate-checklist-booklet-for-photographers

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