Evening work

Tomorrow, I am teaching a course at Vistek Toronto., You can turn up: there are a few spots available still. But they are limited, so turn up at 9:30AM.

So what am I doing now? Something I do regularly, and you should all do: Preventive maintenance on my equipment.

In particular, cleaning electrical contacts. Whenever something does not work, it is often an electyrical issue. I have found that this is often due to:

  • Pocketwizard contacts not clean.
  • Flash hotshoe contacts not clean.
  • Flash contacts not clean.
  • Lens contacts not clean.
  • Lens not seated properly.
  • Connectors not clean.

So cleaning all the above contacts — any electrical contact— regularly can help prevent a lot of problems.

So if you have nothing better to do.. some windex and a cloth, and rub them all clean. Do not allow any liquid to come anywhere near your camera or lenses, of course. But I do not have to explain that to you, right?


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