Near (East End) Toronto? Then read this!

If you are in Toronto’s East End, come to this course:

Mastering Flash All Day Special, 27 July

This will be held in Whitby and I’ll teach you everything about flash: on-camera, camera, balancing flash and ambient, modifiers, radio triggers: everything you need to know to do great flash work. You need no prior flash knowledge: all you need is a DSLR and a flash, and knowledge of the basics (aperture, shutter, ISO)—and even those will be reviewed just in case!

I am driving in from Oakville to teach it, so it’s worth you driving in from all over the province to come learn. I promise: all my courses come with a fully happy policy.

A typical flash shot, with off camera flash at 100 ISO, 1/250 sec, f/8.

You will learn recipes for studio flash, for outdoor flash, for party flash.You will learn the errors to avoid., You will learn to operate your flash. You will learn how not to carry to much. At the end of this day, you will be a flash pro!


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