A few opportunities.

I am a big proponent of wall art, as you probably know by now You should have walls full of it: your own, and other people’s. A great way to express your personality, and if it’s someone else’s, an investment too.

I can help with “your own”: that’s what the courses are about (see yesterday’s post and see the a la carte courses, or take an evening course at Sheridan College in Oakville, where I teach “Photography, Basic Digital” and as of September, also “Photography, Intermediate Digital”, as a faculty member of the faculty of continuing and professional studies), and that’s what my seven(!) e-books are about (see http://learning.photography). Once you can do it yourself, you can fill your wall with your best work.

But I can also help with the “someone else’s”. As you know, I am currently exhibiting some of my work at CJ’s in Bronte, Oakville, Ontario: see the event page here.

The official opening is this Sunday, 12 July, at from 2–4pm. And great news: on that day only, if you are considering buying any of my limited edition photographs, then:

  • I will have a special discount for in-person visitors.
  • I will bring a further 115(!) unframed giclée prints, handmade by me at 13×19″ using permanent pigments on art paper, individually autographed. Unframed prints are of course more economical to buy than framed prints.
  • I will give away one print to a lucky visitor.

So… perhaps this will be the start of your wall art collection. Come join me for a coffee Sunday, 2pm. See you there? And by all means bring a camera; practice some of your photography.

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