NEW: Learn To Look Again!

Have you ever thought that photography is all about seeing? That you could do it and be creative, if only you could see the way other photographers see?

If so, you are right. Creative photography is about opening your eyes, almost like a newborn baby, seeing the world without the old preconceptions that are now hindering you. Learning to spot fresh new patterns. Learning to see again from scratch, in other words.

And the great news: this is a skill you can learn!

If all that sounds just right, then you will love my new free six-day e-mail course called “Six Day Seeing”. Over the course of six consecutive days, you and other Six Day Seeers will receive an exciting creative assignment each day.

Shoot that assignment, using whatever camera you like, and upload your work to the special members-only Facebook group that accompanies the course.

UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY AND JOIN NOW! The course starts in January, so sign up as soon as you can. It’s free, it’s fun. and above all, it’ll help you unleash your creativity.

Read More, And Sign Up:

After you sign up, you will receive confirmation via email, and you will receive your first assignment in January. There’s no charge, no obligations: it’s simply to help you open your eyes. You can use any camera you like: even your iPhone if you so choose. This is about seeing, not about buttons, switches, or square roots.

Join the adventure… and: enjoy!

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