Unleash your creativity

Everyone knows the Dutch Masters. Names like Vermeer, Van Gogh, Jan Steen, Hieronymus Bosch, and Rembrandt. Names that immediately evoke visions of mastery of light, creativity, and unsurpassed technical skills.

  • Have you ever wanted to be as creative as a Dutch Master?
  • Have you ever wanted to be complimented on your photographic work?
  • Have you ever wanted to have solo exhibits of your work?
  • Have you ever felt that there was so much more in you than you are getting out?

Unleash your creativity and be the photography pro that you really are. With a unique teaching style that takes its inspiration from hundreds of years of Dutch artistry and of Dutch exploration and discovery, award-winning photographer Michael Willems (who, incidentally, is a Dutch Canadian) will teach you the skills that you need in one of three unique Dutch Master Class days.

Act now: these VIP Photography Days are restricted to very small groups of emerging photographers. Pick your preferred day, and in a group of no more than 5 photographers you will learn the technical skills you need; you will learn how to see; you will get a one-on-one review of your work, and we review your skills and your knowledge gaps. Subjects include flash, studio portraiture, shooting a model, and many more, and will feature an introduction to both Adobe Lightroom and Printing. You will leave with real pro experience, vast technical knowledge, a new-found enlightenment and confidence, and a way of really seeing the exquisite detail of the world around you.

Price: $795 (lunch included).

EARLY BIRD BONUS: if you order today, January 7, the price is just $395.

Contact michael@willems.ca today to lock in your chosen day.


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