Adobe Bug Redux

It’s even worse than I thought. It appears that Adobe deliberately caused the “Lightroom [etc] will not start” issue!

This apparently from Adobe:

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 14.45.50

So Adobe installer screws up the folder owner/rights; then Adobe causes their apps to refuse to start when it detects the issue. And they give no information: the fix (below) is out there, but you have to Google to find it.

Absurd that Adobe can do this: stop people’s business cold, deliberately. A bug is inevitable and forgivable, but a deliberate decision to not allow the app to start when they detect it, is unforgivable.

Almost enough to give mega-corporations a bad name.

Oh wait.


1 thought on “Adobe Bug Redux

  1. At first I thought it was Adobe that began to emulate Microsoft’s update behaviour…now I see the Steve Jobs-free Apple is also falling into a rut. Not only did it crash my desk top with the recent updates, but I am reading that iPhones and iPads are also locking and crashing. It seems the lesson is, wait a few weeks before accepting updates. Hopefully Apple isn’t using Adobe as its role model. Hopefully.

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