That Creative Dip

We all hit it every now and then, if we are engaged in some creative endeavour: the dip. The block. The point when we think “I am bored with this, I have done it all. I cannot come up with anything new, creative or fun. I’m done, and moving on”.


Blocked? No you’re not! You are just bored. And delayed. Temporarily. Your muse will return.

So how do you deal with this in the interim?

By making it new. Get inspired! Do things like:

  • Have a good night’s sleep. Or two. Start there!
  • Realize you are not alone. Entire web sites are dedicated to Creative Block.
  • Google photographs of the type you like. Read some of the back stories.
  • Read some photography magazines.
  • Learn something new. A new type of photography; a new technique.
  • Read photo books.
  • Carry a notepad and immediately write down what inspires you.
  • Get my books from Amazon or from
  • Set yourself challenges. Like “shoot only B&W for a week”, or “Focus manually for a week”, or “take only wide angle pictures for a week”.
  • Join a meetup group, like Brantford Photography School.
  • Contact your friends who like photography, and go for a walk around town, do some street photography.
  • Do macro photography indoors. Do whatever photography you have not done.
  • Binge Watch Netflix for an entire weekend—then get on with it.

There are many ways you can re-kindle your enthusiasm. Look for the ones that resonate for you, and, as said: get on with it. There’s lots to do.

There’s been 12 billion years before you when you were not here, and before our universe collapses or freezes, there’ll be another 12 billion years—you and I are just here for a few decades. Enjoy them.


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