Left right left right

Did you know that we are left- or right eared and eyed just as much as we are left- or right-handed? Odd thing, the brain.

Why is this important? Because of how you look through your camera. If, like me, you use your left eye, your right eye looks at the back of the camera. If you use your right eye, you have to squeeze your left eye shut, or you can use it to get an overview of the scene.

What are you? The vast majority is right-eyed and -eared, or if left handed, the opposite. Some, like me, are right agreed but left eared and left eyed.

Check it out now. How do you look through your camera?

Tonight I am talking about Creative Flash at tthe Etobicoke camera club. Check it out. Humber Valley United Church … Islington & Rathburn. $5 for non members. See you there perhaps?



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