I did this yesterday, which is why I am tired:

A few photos of Piotr and Katarzina’s wedding. I lik Polish weddings: food, fun, vodka, and friendly people.

20160903-1DX_0092-1024 20160903-MW5D0066-1200 20160903-MW5D0073-1024 20160903-MW5D0069-1200 20160903-MW5D0076-1024 20160903-MW5D0125-1024 20160903-1DX_9924-1024 20160903-MW5D0234-1024 20160903-MW5D0157-1024 20160903-MW5D0160-1024 20160903-MW5D0185-1024 20160903-MW5D0172-1024

Can you see the effect of outdoor flash (strobes, nuke the sun) and indoor flash (Willems 400-40-4 rule)? If not, then you need take my workshop on flash!

And now bed. A 14 hour workday and it is 3AM? My eyes are closing.


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