Near London? Come see me 6 Oct 2016

Do you live west of Toronto? Anywhere near London, Ontario?

Then see – you can hear me talk about flash tomorrow night (or tonight, depending on when you read this), Thursday Oct 6, 2016. Come hear some advanced tips and tricks and come meet me. 7:30pm; $10 charge for non-members of the club.

Also keep in mind, 23 October, another small (5 people max, some spaces left) hands-on Flash workshop. See the web site.

Now back to my presentation.No rest for the wicked. 

2 thoughts on “Near London? Come see me 6 Oct 2016

  1. Wonderful presentation last night! I learned a lot! Now, I can picture my future studio (lighting) and do it without spending an arm and a leg!

    We purchased your book series, and I look forward to reading them and referring back to them many times for tips and pointers.

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