Yesterday’s Seminar…

…was in Toronto. Students and I and assistants, model and make-up artist made for a nice crowd and a relaxed atmosphere, which after some training in the basics and in “photo recipes” resulted in shots like these, of the “made up in Goth” model:


200 ISO, 1/125 sec, f/8. Flash manual also, 1/4 power. Flash fitted with a Honl Photo 1/4″ grid. A second flash was used  as the hair-light; this was fitted with a Honl Photo Speed Snoot.


And the same here, now in B/W. Note how the flash is aimed at her face, not at the back of her head:


And now for some colour, using gels (Egg Yolk Yellow, Mikkel Blue and a green colour I cannot recall).)


And sometimes I like to have fun, using a preset I have created…


All this still in Lightroom.

More drama:


And here’s the “treated” picture’s original:


And another B/W (black and white, or monochrome) image:


The point is that with a couple of flashes and some simple modifiers you can have hours of fun. As long as you know the theory, the magic “starting points”, and techniques. And that is what today was all about.

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