Photos are time travel

Many years ago, my friend Chris Quirke died tragically. A great loss: he was a kind person. I have always remembered him fondly. Some people do that to you. You know how they say that only the good die young? Well, that applied to Chris.

Recently, his niece, and later his sister contacted me after reading an old post where I mentioned him. His sister subsequently sent me a photo of Chris with a few other people, and it is incredible how Chris’s stance reminded me of him. Incredible, it’s like I am there.

That’s Chris, in the white shirt on the right:

And that is why photos are so important. One blurry old photo is left, and it’s an amazing thing to see how powerful that blurry old photo is. And that’s why you should photograph your life. One day, time travel will take you back to today. And you will be grateful.

And share your photos. Print them. Do not just keep them on your iPhone. This is the only time travel you’ll ever do. Except of course the one we all do, the one that leads inevitably to the end. So remember your life: make that photographic record.



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