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This blog has been active for nine years, and it is fully searchable: use that function!
Here’s a re-post from 2009:

If you have been in any of my composition or travel photography classes, you will have heard me recommend that you simplify – this is essential.

And one way of doing this, I then go on, is to fill the frame. Get close. Concentrate on the essence and ignore the rest.

Like in this shot:

Candy Jelly

“Fill the frame” often meets resistance.

  • “But I’ll cut off bits!”
  • “But I’ll miss essential stuff”.
  • “But you can’t cut through someone’s head! Not allowed!”
  • “But then I won’t show the whole story”.
  • “But I was always taught I must never cut people off at the feet!”.

All very well. But think about it: if I had not filled the frame above, I would had had mess on all sides, black tables, hands, trays: clutter. The shot would have been much less effective. And sometimes you tell the story better by getting close-up.

I have a tip for you. Next time you hear my voice talking to you as you are about to shoot – or could it be your conscience? – just shoot twice. Once close in, like in the shot above; and once wider, with lots of stuff on all sides.

Then at home, see which one you actually prefer.

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