Store, School, Gallery, Shop!

Big news — in a few weeks, I am opening my new mall studio/school/store/gallery on Orléans, Ottawa, Ontario. Based in Place d’Orléans mall, this shop will have me in it much of the time and will do the things outlined in its web site,

The opening is August 15, but as you can see, it’s almost ready for business. If you are in or near Ottawa, give me a call!

2 thoughts on “Store, School, Gallery, Shop!

  1. Congratulations on the store/studio/school. Wish it was closer. Have you relocated to Ottawa Michael. Will you still be teaching at Sheridan or have you moved on from that as well. All the best.

    Bev McIntosh
    Former student of your brilliant teachings.

    • Hi Beverly,

      Of COURSE I remember you.

      For now, I will be going back-and-forth every week, and certainly for this coming semester I’m still teaching at Sheridan. I like Sheridan, and I’m tempted to just keep going there although the commute will probably become prohibitive in the end…

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