Portraits Galore

You know—every photographer eventually starts doing portraits. Even landscape or bird photographers eventually take photos of people as well. And that’s important. People are everything to us in our lives.

That’s why I love to do portraits. Like this one, done in the michaelwillemsphoto.com studio last week, of Abraham, an excellent soccer player who just won a tournament with his team:

He clearly shows he is happy about the whole thing. And of course his parents have the picture on their mantlepiece, right now. And it will stay there forever.

Your pictures are better on your living room wall than on just our Facebook wall.

2 thoughts on “Portraits Galore

  1. Michael,
    Great pic and even greater statement about pro portraits hanging on your wall and not crap snaps on Facebook!
    Just curious, is this an orange background, or white that’s been orange’d by a gel filtered flash?

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