Self portrait today

And today, another photo in my series of COVID-19 self portraits. Here it is, this morning:

Covid Day 9: The Photographer, 31 Mar 2020

So how did I make this photo? Here’s how.

I used a camera on a tripod and two small flashes (speedlights) on light stands. One flash had a grid on it, one had a small Honlphoto softbox, like this:

Oops, that’s 1/8” grid.

  • The flashes each have a Pocketwizard connected, as does the camera.
  • Camera settings are 100 ISO, f/8, 1/200 sec, in manual mode.
  • Flashes also in manual mode, 1/4 power.
  • The camera is using the 10 second timer.

Note that the camera focuses with “Back button focus”. That way, I can pre-focus at the right distance, and the camera won’t retry when it takes the picture.

Easy when you know how!


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