Creative flash

I am teaching a six evening “Creative Flash 301” course, using Zoom, to the Ajax Camera Club. Fun, and finally an excuse to get a little creative again.

For example. One flash above subject, with small softbox; plus a little fill from front right:

Next: One flash. How is it done, can you work it out?

And another one, showing that one or two off camera flashes is enough to create some cool shots. In this case, just one, again:

Only your creativity is the limit, really. So if you don’t yet know how to get creative with flash, learn (I can help), and have some fun.

One thought on “Creative flash

  1. Nice post, and cool trick with the shoot-through umbrella.
    In my opinion, everyone should learn flash. I am not really a portrait photographer, and my main subject is birds. But with a manual flash and a simple trigger costing ~$50, you can have so much fun and learn about light at the same time. It’s one of the cheapest pieces of gear that will give you so much value in learning photography.

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