Back to the future – with film!

I have always recommended shooting a roll of film every now and then. Film – that stuff they used like in the 1800s. And if you are artistic, black and white film.

So I shoot a roll of film every now and then. Because it’s cool. And because I remember to respect the click. Every time you shoot, you spend a few dollars. And you need to get it right: no feedback, no second chances. So you think about photos.

I use my Nikon FE:

And that’s why in my store we also develop film – and in the case of most black and white film, we even do this in-house, right in the store. Here’s some of the equipment, and today’s film drying (35mm as well as 120):

But you don’t need a pro camera… sure, hipsters use cameras like mine, but young women instead love single-use cameras, or better, the simple brightly coloured Kodak snapshot cameras (yes, and we sell them):

And here’s why:

2 thoughts on “Back to the future – with film!

  1. Oh, thanks for posting this, Michael! We need more of this before people forget and the art is gone forever! Finding labs (who know what they’re doing) to develop film is hard, but finding decent film is even harder! I’ve been digitizing my family slides, negatives, and prints. The pics that are in immaculate condition – Kodachrome and Ektachrome from the 1960s! The only way you can tell these slides are from the 60s is the hair and clothing styles! Yes, I get it…theoretically, digital lasts forever…unless you accidentally erase it, or some psycho war mongers unleash an EMP that wipes out our electronics. And if that happened, the film would remain intact! Yes! Yes! Yes to film!

  2. This is such a great idea!!. My first SLR was a Fujica STX-1
    There is so much to learn from shooting film and if you’re fortunate enough to use a darkroom, that’s even better.

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