Gear Matters…

…and with that, I mean, “matters concerning gear”. These matters are generally overrated. “What camera are you using” is usually not an important question. Gear does not always matter, in other words.

But that is not to say that equipment is not important – because it is. In the studio I use Canon 5D, Canon 5DSR, and Canon 1Dx Mk2 cameras, with a rage of “L”-lenses.

Pro equipment is usually expensive – but you can get good deals buying used. Like in the Michael Willems Photo store in Orléans:

I have an amazing 7D MkII available in the store right now: with only 8300 shutter actuations, this is at only 4% of its life – and it really is as new. And it comes with two batteries, a CF card and an SD card, and a new (and new generation!) 50mm Canon lens. And for just $995, this is an amazing deal. Used equipment can be fabulous if you choose well.

So next time you get “gear-itis”: consider good used equipment. It can often be had for less than you imagine.

  • One generation older is great; two generations is also possible; older that that may be possible but check specs carefully.
  • Watch shutter life – the most important measure for a DSLR.
  • in the case of lenses, try them.
  • In the case of old film cameras, ensure the the shutter works well, without strange sounds (these often indicate that the oil has dried up).
  • Make sure that you can trust the seller – take ID if you do not know the seller.

And have fun – in the knowledge that you saved money.

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