3D, Conversions, and more

In our never ending endeavour to provide the services a community needs, we do more than just portraits and photo printing, at the studio. In particular, I mean services like:

  • Media conversions. If you have old VHS cassettes, or smaller video, or Super8 film, or most other media formats, even reel to reel audio tape, we can convert it for you and put it on a USB key or similar.
  • 3D Printing. A new service: come to us with an .STL file, and we’ll quickly and efficiently make your 3D print.
  • Photo restoration: we fix your old photos, however damaged they are.
  • 35mm film developing: of course we take care of that for you (including disposable cameras).
  • Frames: we carry great quality frames at all common sizes, such as 5×7, 8×10, 8×12, 11×14, 12×18, and 16×20.
  • Help with photography-related issues, like Lightroom help.

This and much more at the store at Place d’Orléans Shopping Centre – come meet me if you want to discuss.


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