Restoration is key

Everyone has old photos. And these are important photos, because they often involve family.

Good news: these photos can now be professionally restored to their old glory. Whether your photo has faded, or is cracked, or is full of imperfections, or is unsharp, or whatever other deficiencies it may have: we can do a great job of restoring them.

And unlike some, we don’t just “throw them into an app”. We are editing experts, and we have a wide range of different applications and expertise, and we use whatever is necessary to give you the best result for your particular photo.

Furthermore, we can scan your photos professionally, in house so there is no risk, often while you wait; and we also produce top quality prints for you.

Here’s an example:

The finished photo (left) started as a few pieces of torn and discoloured photo (right). Need I say more?

So if you have old photos, contact me or come to the store, and we’ll help.

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