eBOOK: Photo "Cookbook"

JANUARY 2013: The long promised eBook is available now!

This book, a 108-page PDF, ISBN 978-0-9918636-0-0, costs $19.95.

Here’s the link you use to buy:


(The PDF is Without DRM: you are not addled with complexities in downloading or cumbersome technical restrictions on how you use the book you buy. I trust my customers.)

This book is unique in that rather than just giving you theory, it gives you 52 recipes that you can apply immediately to the situations covered.

  • Share in Michael’s Secrets!
  • Learn Exposure.
  • Learn Core Photography Needs.
  • Start Immediately with Situation-Specific Recipes.
  • See all situations illustrated with real photos.
  • PDF, Optimized for iPad Reading.

Michael Willems’s new richly illustrated book will help you learn professional photography skills – immediately. Learn from a pro photographer and teacher. Get started today!

A few sample pages:

I look forward to hearing what you all think. And remember: questions and requests are always welcome.


Again, here’s the link you use to buy:


The book, a 108-page PDF (without DRM) costs $19.95.

(PS Why not free, or $5? Well, I do give away the free speedlighter.ca as you know. But as for eBooks: There are many free ones, but they tend not to be the best. Many eBooks like mine sell for $30-$50. Look at Kelby, Grecco and McNally, all of whose books sell for around those prices.  I myself recently bought a photography eBook for $79US. Also – most eBooks are DRM protected; mine is not. An important distinction. And finally, the Photography Cookbook is 108 pages, not the 30 pages you so often see in eBook PDFs. Enjoy!)

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    • Hi all,

      I send the book or books manually. When you pay, you see a message that tells you you’ll receive the book(s) shortly. Usually that’s within minutes: certainly within a business day.

      It is also possible, however, that your email spam filtering somehow classifies my mail as spam. Check your spam filter, and if it’s not there, of course you can just drop me a line to see what happened.

      The great thing about an eBook is that I can always resend (even if, for instance, you lose the book).


  5. Hi Michael. I purchased the book this past January and I have lost the file. Would you be so kind as to resend?


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