Nikon users: do you have this lens?

Hey, Nikon users with a non full-frame camera. Have you bought the new Nikon DX 35mm lens yet? If not, you may want to run, not walk, to your nearest Henry’s store to buy one.

Gizmodo discusses the new lens here and I could not agree more. This lens will give you the equivalent of a 50mm lens, which is a must have “standard”, as I discussed in an earlier post (“Nifty fifty“). Affordably.

Canon users, you can buy an expensive 35mm lens like my 35mm f/1.4 “L”, but that’s not affordable. Nikon has an edge here. A 50mm equivalent lens is a must-have for everyone, and this 35mm lens for crop cameras provides just that. Low weight, small size, low light ability and great ability to blur the backgrounds: you’ll never look back.

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