Richmond hill


I did a great presentation tonight at the Richmond Hill camera club. 100+ people in the room and they were all sooo engaged, laughing out loud all evening – I was appreciated but more importantly, I really appreciated this wonderful audience.


And this serves as another reminder of how badly the engineers treat the fans of photography. Tonight’s subject was advanced camera use. You simply cannot learn this stuff from the manuals. The cameras are also not very well laid out in terms of logic. Learning illogical cameras from badly written manuals intended for those who already know it all: no wonder people are confused.

The good news: once it is explained well, you totally get it. And that’s why tonight’s audience had such a great time. And audience of over 100 is great – fantastic size. These pictures were taken before the presentation started in the standing-room-only space.


Wonderful experience, and now I can get some sleep knowing we contributed just another little bit to Canada’s becoming the world’s best educated country in terms of photography education.

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