Straight light

You know about Rembrandt lighting, loop lighting, broad and short lighting, and so on? If not, you will. But today a note about simple lighting for models, women, in general anyone who wants to look their best and show youth and beauty rather than experience and character (which can be a euphemism for age).

That is straight, flat lighting. Like this:


As you see, that is nice, flattering light.

Whenever I shoot anyone where the main emphasis is on this person looking young and attractive, I draw an imaginary line from their face straight up at 45 degrees, i.e. not to either the left side or the right side. Where that line straight from their face hits the wall or ceiling, that is where I aim my flash. (An external flash – please, you don’t use the on-camera popup flash, do you?)

And when I do that, pictures like the one above result – when the model is as pretty. Even when the model isn’t as pretty, this light is best if you want to minimise wrinkles.

2 thoughts on “Straight light

  1. “It depends”! In other words:

    1. Draw the line away from their face

    2. Check where that imaginary line hits the ceiling or wall

    3. Aim your flash *right there*, to yhat point on the ceiling/wall!

    So in the picture above, yes, I was aiming the flash behind me, to the point on the ceiling where the line from her face hit the ceiling


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