7D – post two

Okay… so I own a brick, until Adobe or Canon start waking up and fixing the fact that Lightroom, my core tool, cannot yet properly read 7D images. They come up noisy and with awful colour, using a “beta” camera profile and no way to select another. Adobe say they “hope” to get a fix for this into the next update (when? They say they are a long way off). See here.


Also, I just figured out that movies are ignored by Lightroom. Fair enough but since I use Lightroom to copy stuff off my memory card, which is then ejected and formatted (by me), that ignoring is not clever better would be to copy them for me to some location.

Now I lost the family videos I made yesterday. That is regrettable. Now I need to, from now on, load CF cards into two different apps. Not very desirable – Lightroom lives by the fact it’s the one tool I use for my entire practice, and it is failing here on two counts.

4 thoughts on “7D – post two

  1. If Canon, Nikon et al would adopt DNG as their RAW format we would not be in this mess every time a new camera comes out. If it is good enough for Leica surely it is good enough for Canon?

    I gave up shooting video because I foolishly “lost” too many for the reasons you state. I guess you know about Jeff Friedl’s Video Asset Management plugin for Lightroom: http://regex.info/blog/lightroom-goodies/video-assets

    It does not solve the import problem but it assists with the rest of the workflow.

  2. While we are at it, how about promoting an open operating system for cameras? Perhaps based upon Google’s Android.

    I would like to be able to customize and extend my camera’s functionality and open it up to third parties.

    A trivial example: I am shooting RAW+JPG. I am in the middle of nowhere and my CF card is filling fast. Can I delete the companion JPGs to make space for more RAW files? Nope!

    But I could write a little utility to “rm -r *jpg” in minutes and add it to my camera.

    I think it will happen, but not from a Tier 1 vendor.

  3. Oh yes, absolutely. Someone in Taiwan will do it. Not Canon or Nikon – or especially Sony, whose DNA seems to be about ‘protecting IP” at the expense of customers. However, I am hoping that eventually someone will crack their OS.

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