Planning Phoenix

So I am planning an “Advanced Flash” workshop in Phoenix, Arizona, on December 3. Read more about it, and sign up for it, here:

If you are a pro or emerging pro in Phoenix, and flash is not your cup of tea- you need to spend this evening with me to hear why flash, and in particular TTL flash, is great once you have mastered it. And to hear that it is not difficult!


0 thoughts on “Planning Phoenix

  1. I hope the seminar goes well. I think I need a Basic Flash workshop though. I have this wonderful 580EX but hardly understand its capabilities. I basically point it at things and hope for the best. Most of the time it is more intelligent than I am.

  2. Well, if you get a couple of dozen expats (because of the need to speak English!) in Bangkok, Ill fly out and do it there. I’ll start with the very basics. And in a day you will learn flash, and its delights.

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