This is what I like

But instead, this is what I get:

Snow and local blowing snow changing to rain showers in the morning then to flurries late in the day. Snowfall amount 5 cm. Wind southeast 40 km/h gusting to 60 becoming southwest 30 gusting to 50 late in the morning then increasing to 50 gusting to 70 late in the day.

Grrr.  Why am I here again?

Good thing my cameras are waterproof. Except the “Toe Cap” for my Canon 1Ds MkIII is missing – fell off. Canon “is unable to” (meaning: refuses to. How I hate euphemisms!) sell me one; I have to go to a third party. No doubt $100 for a tiny piece of plastic. But a necessary one.


(It is the “Extension System Terminal” cover.

One tip for you this morning. When you go from a cold area into a warm one (airconditioned hotel to tropical outside – or Ontario day to warm indoors!) wrap your camera into a tightly wrapped plastic bag before going through that transition.  Take it out after 15 minuts when it has warmed up. Else, you get condensation.

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  1. That’s amazing Canon won’t sell you a part for a professional camera! You’d think they would bend over backwards to keep you happy and productive using their kit.

    Some companies excel at this. I broke my Swiss Army knife trying to do something it was not designed for. Wenger replaced it at no charge. I have bought several more and told many people. Why don’t Canon get it? (Rhetorical question).

    I don’t know what a toe cap is.

    If you took it into a Canon Service Centre would they replace it and charge you a minimum labour charge for the trouble?

    • Boca Photo ( is great for stuff like this. They’ve generally got both a name brand and an identical knock-off for 1/4 the price on virtually anything. I’ve bought pretty much exactly the same part for a Nikon for maybe $5. It’s US-based but shipping has always been prompt and reasonable for me (to Hamilton). I’m sure they’d have what you’re looking for.

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