Outdoors Tip

You should definitely get one of these:

A Hoodman Hood Loupe. With it, you can see your LCD even in bright outdoors daylight. It adjusts to your eyes and it magnifies, as well. Invaluable, and I would not go anywhere without mine.

I am so glad I had mine in Arizona last week. Otherwise I would not have seen what I was getting in bright “creative light” like this:

Or this:

Without a Hood Loupe, you are guessing. A sin “I think they’re OK, and when I get indoors I’ll see for sure” – if you can even see the display at all.

4 thoughts on “Outdoors Tip

  1. It is the one and only thing I am missing any time I use my pocket camera. Never saw this thing before and this is on my wish list from now on!
    BTW I am a happy user of a no name angle viewfinder, not even hoodman 🙂

  2. I’ve been thinking about buying one for some time. Your post motivated me to buy one on the way home from work. I bought the way too expensive band to fasten the thing to the camera as well. I’m hoping that will help for video shooting in way too bright conditions.

    Hey, what’s money anyway!

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