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Reader bkkphotographer ask this:

A friend in Bangkok is replacing his 5D Mark 1 with a newer body. He offered to sell me the 5D.

1. I think the 5D would be a step-up from my 30D in terms of quality, even if it is the original model.
2. BUT I don’t have the L lenses that would use its capabilities and I might be disappointed. True?
3. Would you ever consider a second-hand body? If so what checks should I do before buying?

My take:

Yes, the 5D is great. I used to own one – great camera. Just because there is a 5D MkII and soon a MkIII, MkIV and MkV, no reason that the 5D will not do what it always does. And it is full frame.

Grab it if it is good. You will not be disappointed. Even without “L” lenses. For instance, the 50mm f/1.8 lens is what I used today all day to do pro shots. This is the cheapest lens Canon sells. It is brilliant. And this is a full frame camera, so 50 would be 50.

What to watch for? The 5D had a service recall – the mirror can let go. Free fix by Canon. Has this been done. And the 5Dis a bit of a dust magnet. Is the sensor clear? And do you have a new battery?

Take some test shots, check accurate focus etc; find out above the above, have Canon do the fix if needed; buy a new battery if needed; and go for it. Great camera.

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  1. Thanks! A camera does not suddenly stop being good because it’s been replaced by a newer model. My feeling is that the main improvements we are seeing in camera technology is the ability to take photos in more challenging conditions. Better low light performance, better focusing ability, higher speed and so on.

    But the majority of us don’t use our cameras in highly demanding environments where we have to get the shot. So the improvements for us in our daily hobby photography are smaller. The job of Canon’s marketing department is to get me to believe otherwise.

    I think the 5D Mark 1 uses the same battery as my 300D and 30D. I have a stock of BP-511 batteries that I rotate and charge regularly. The original that came with the 300D still works well. I dislike having a range of batteries and chargers to care about so that’s an advantage.

    Thanks for the advice.

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